Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: Prevention

Baby teeth play a vital role in the early days of human lives. When your babies haven't learned to understand a thing about their health, you must take good care of them, including noticing their oral health. Early decay of baby teeth can lead up to severe problems in the future.

Often parents ignore the issue thinking the teeth will be eventually fall off. The decay and other conditions will leave the seed of future problems such as- lousy eating habits, crooked teeth, and speech problems. Infections can emerge from tooth decay of babies. If your babies are suffering from such a condition, consider visiting the best dentist Frisco TX.

How to Prevent Infant Tooth Decay? 

  • Oral Hygiene: As we have mentioned earlier, when your babies can't make their decisions for themselves, you have to take good care of them, including maintaining their oral hygiene. Start it since the baby is born. You might ask what to do when they don't even have teeth in the first place. However, there's a lot. It will help if you wipe their gum when there's no tooth.

    When the first tooth appears, use a soft-bristle baby toothbrush and a little fluoride toothpaste to brush the tooth. Continue it with the rest of the teeth when those appear and grow. Repeat the process twice a day and brush for 2 minutes.

  • Avoid Milk Bottle Putting Them Asleep: It's not healthy to put a baby to sleep, giving them a feeding bottle or food in its mouth. The sugar of the fluid or food will linger inside their mouth for a long time and cause tooth decay and infection. And the rule is the same with the pacifiers. Putting them asleep or leaving them feeling on it for an extended period can cause trouble to the oral condition.

  • Fluorine Content: Fluorine is an essential mineral for teeth-for both babies and adults. You should check the fluoride level of your water source. If the content is perfect, do not worry, but if it's not, find another source to supply the due mineral to your babies. You can ask your dentist to suggest you a fluorine supplement or fluoride varnish. These can secure the baby's teeth from decay.

  • Feeding Practice: Another essential part to avoid decay is good feeding practice. Let the little ones learn how to drink from a cup instead of feeding bottles. The liquid cannot collect around their teeth this way, and they cannot get their mug to their bed, so eventually, they wouldn't sleep with a bottle in their mouth.

  • Control Sweet Consumption: It is well known that sweet consumption causes tooth decay and invites germs. Babies are often fond of sweet things such as candy, chocolate, popsicles, etc. Please don't allow them to have these more than enough.

  • Limit Juice Consumption: You might think juice is an excellent alternative to milk, but you should avoid feeding babies juice before turning six months old. From 6 months to 12 months age, limit the supply to 120 ml per day. Dilute it with 50% of water. From 12 months to 6 years, you may increase the amount to only 50 ml.

However, besides all of these tips, you must take your baby to a dentist for regular checkups. You can find the best dentists at Pinnacle Dental Frisco. Our highly experienced experts can detect any tooth decay early and eliminate it with the right treatment.

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