Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Different Dental Implantation Procedures And Jawbone Lifting

 Peace Pilgrim says- “Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and, it smiles back at you”. These lines show the importance of our smile. For a perfectly beautiful smile, we need perfectly okay oral health. But there could be times when we might suffer from oral conditions and might even lose a tooth. 

It can ruin our smile. Fortunately, where a problem is, there is always a solution, and the answer to tooth-loss is implantation. Dental Implants Frisco TX is very popular with various implantation treatments, and we will be discussing them in this blog. There are two types of implants, Subperiosteal and Endosteal. Here are the brief descriptions:

  1.  Subperiosteal: The implantation placements are-under our gum, on, or above our jawbone. When we have naturally unhealthy jawbone, this implantation is ideal. We can avoid a bone augmentation procedure with this smart implantation process.

  2.  Bone augmentation:

From the previous point, we have learned the term ‘bone augmentation’. So what is this procedure? Let’s discuss it.

When our jawbone cannot hold the implant, we need to undergo a procedure to rebuild the bone and, bone augmentation is one such procedure. It restores and regenerates our bone to support the implants. The main incentive of this procedure is achieving the best results by using growth factors and bone additives.

  1. Endosteal:

This process includes dental implantation on our jawbone. The implantation materials get made of small screw-shaped titanium.


There are also a few other techniques to restore our jawbone. Here are two of them:

  1.   Ridge expansion: 

In this technique, bone graft material is added to a small ridge that gets hollowed out at the top of our jaw when our jaw isn’t wide enough to hold the implantation.

  1.   Sinus elevation: 

Sinus elevation or sinus lift is a procedure where a bone is added below our sinus when we are missing the upper back teeth. When we don’t develop natural bone at that part, we need the due support for our natural teeth and implants. This jaw lifting or supporting process requires a professional and specialist.  

There are also quite a few different dental implants besides Subperiosteal and Endosteal that are effective and can help us skip critical surgeries. Everyone has different dental and jawbone health, so there are several options available for us in the market. Here are a few of them:

  • Mini dental implants (MDIs): This narrow or small diameter implant includes toothpick-sized implants. These are very tiny and narrow and placed with less-unfriendly techniques. It can stabilize a lower denture temporarily.

  • Immediate Load Dental Implants: In this procedure, a temporary tooth gets placed during the implantation procedure. When we have enough strong natural jawbone, this procedure is very effective. The fresh implantation also can support the temporary tooth, which is beneficial.

  • All-on-4: It is an alternative process of top or bottom teeth replacement. By avoiding the bone grafting procedure, 4 dental implants get added to our available bone. A special abutment is applied over the treatment area. It takes six months to complete the procedure and the teeth to set properly.


However, there are also other techniques and procures which you can get suggestion from the Best Dentist Frisco TXPinnacle Dental has the best dentists and specialists to offer you for your dental implantation. We care about your oral health and enhance your smile.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry for a Brighter Smile

To flash a bright smile, we need to take care of our oral health. A beautiful set of teeth and a healthy mouth depends on our personal hygiene and several other factors. Cosmetic dentistry can be useful to make our appearance better with professional dental treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry is a procedure through which our broken, chipped, discolored, misaligned, etc. type of teeth are restructured to give a makeover to our oral appearance. There are different types of cosmetic dentistry based on our oral problems. With proper treatment in the right area of dental issues, we can have a better and healthier smile.

Cosmetic dentistry doesn't only give us a beautiful smile but also makes our oral health better. Cavity and broken teeth can cause oral issues to us by stacking food in different areas. Cavity and germs are unhealthy for our mouths. With Cosmetic Dentistry Plano, we can achieve a brighter and more beautiful smile.

Here are some of the best cosmetic dentistry procedures:

Dental Implant:

Several factors, such as aging can make us lose our teeth or get a bad cavity. With dental implantation, new teeth get implanted or replaced with damaged teeth. It can recover the damage and also make our oral health better. 

This procedure includes screwing a small titanium screw into the jaw. It supports the crown of the teeth. With a professional dentist, we can recover our teeth' structure without even making it look like there is any change.

Teeth Whitening:

Teeth whitening is quite a simple cosmetic dentistry procedure. Due to gastric and other health issues, our teeth sometimes get discolored. With teeth whitening procedure, the plaque, tartar, and other debris get removed from our teeth' surface. It gives a fresh and clean appearance to our teeth.

Bleaching and whitening methods are included in this procedure, later on, to make the appearance brighter. Fortunately, toothpaste and dental care equipment can do the job of brightening and treating our teeth.

Inlays and Onlays:

Inlays and Onlays are indirect fillings to recover mild and moderate decay. It also provides extra support to our tooth structure as a supporting filling.

The damages of tooth caps can get recovered with Inlays placing where Onlays can cover our teeth' entire surface.

The dental cement of Inlays and Onlays are made of resin in the medical laboratory.

Dental Veneers:

Dental veneers are made of medical-grade ceramic. It gets placed in the missing area of our tooth. Cracked teeth, crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, damaged enamel, etc. can be recovered and restructured with dental veneers as well.

Using a dental adhesive, the dentist places the dental veneers on the damaged area. The dental veneers look so realistic and appealing that not only does it look abnormal, but it also makes our teeth look more beautiful.

Composite/Dental Bonding:

Composite bonding is a procedure where a durable plastic material is applied to our damaged tooth. This plastic-like material has the color of our teeth and appears like putty-like resin. After the application, this material is hardened with ultraviolet laser light. It ensures the bonding of the material to our damaged tooth.

The procedure gets completed by trimming, shaping, and polishing the cover-up of our cracked or chipped teeth. This procedure is perfect for fixing damaged teeth.

For good cosmetic dentistry results, you always need the Best Dentist in Plano TX, which Pinnacle Dental can offer you at affordable rates. We provide several dental treatments to ensure that your oral health is in prime condition.

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