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How Does Emergency Dentistry Work?

Accidents happen--be it a vehicular collision, sports injury, or some other freak mishap. While these setbacks often mean a quick trip to the emergency room, dental clinics have seen one too many emergency cases as well. After all, the most common casualties when these things happen are your teeth.

But what really calls for an emergency visit to your dentist anyway? Does that chipped tooth need to be treated ASAP or can it wait until the morning? How about that gaping space where your front teeth used to be--is this a dental emergency? Let’s find out in this article from us here at Pinnacle Dental.

What is emergency dentistry and how does it work

Emergency dentistry is anything that requires immediate attention from your dentist. From a forcefully knocked-out tooth to a cracked one, you need to have that checked right away. These are cases that need prompt tending to.

While most dentists keep a schedule of appointments throughout the day, they often will not turn away from an emergency. This means that as soon as you explain your situation, they will clear the schedule to tend to you right away.

How to know if it is a dental emergency

It’s only common to second guess yourself when you call in to disrupt your dentist’s schedule. However, most professionals will likely recognize the issue at hand and will be glad to usher you in right away.

As a courtesy, just be sure to call your dentist’s clinic right away. Explain the situation to give them a good idea of what has happened and if it truly does need emergency dental attention. They will likely recommend you come in if:

  1. You have displaced teeth
For some reason, your teeth may have been displaced in your gum. Not only is this an excruciatingly painful experience, but this might cause damages to the roots too. Your dentist, then, will likely ask you to go to their clinic ASAP.

What you should do right away:

Before making your way to your dentist, applying first aid will help. What you need to do is to try to push back the teeth (the crown and not the roots). After this is successful, bite down on a washcloth to keep the moisture in its roots.

What your dentist will do:

With displaced teeth, the roots will likely be exposed. If not treated immediately, this exposure will cause the roots to die, and your whole tooth suffers the same too. Your dentist will likely do an emergency splinting and realignment to make sure that the damage will not be permanent. This is often done through ortho wires and brackets or through cosmetic dentistry. Searching for cosmetic dentistry Plano? We have the experience and expertise to save teeth displacement and other issues.

  1. You have knocked out teeth
This is basically the same issue as a displaced tooth, only that the crown has been knocked off.

What you should do right away:
The same first-aid technique for a displaced tooth applies.

What your dentist will do:

Depending on how quickly you make your way to the clinic, knocked back tooth can still be put back in. Your dentist will likely re-implant the tooth as soon as possible. However, this is only possible if you see him or her within an hour of what happened.

  1. You feel extreme pain
Extreme pain is a dental issue that needs to be taken seriously. This could either be an exposed root or a crack that you have not seen yet. By visiting your dentist Plano TX, you should be able to manage the issue right away.

What you should do right away:

You can take pain killers to manage the pain before you make your way to your dentist.

What your dentist will do:

Like any good dentist, he or she should try to get to the bottom of the issue before diagnosing and recommending a treatment first. Only after such time will they take concrete steps toward treating you.

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